Emailing PDFs

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By default, the pdfs are attached to the WooCommerce ‘Order Complete’ email, but you can configure it to be sent to other emails or not.

To configure in which emails the pdf should be emailed do the following:

1.- Open your pdf template and go to ‘Template Settings’

2.- In the setting ” Attach the pdf to the following WooCommerce emails” select in which emails the pdf should be attached to.

3.- Save the template


Installing and Activating The Full Version

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To install the plugin please follow these steps

1.- Go to your account (using the credentials that you defined when you purchased the plugin)

2.- Click in “View Details and Downloads”

3.- Download the full version and copy the license key

4.- Once you have the full version file go to your WordPress Dashboard and click in “Plugins”->Add New

Important: If you have the free version active please deactivate it before installing the full version, otherwise you won’t be able to install it.

5.- Click in “Upload Plugin”

6.- Select the file that you downloaded in step 3 and then click in “Install Now”

7.- Then click in activate plugin

8.- Once the plugin is active go to WC Invoice/ Settings

9.- Submit your license key and click “Activate”

Once you have activated the plugin you might want to create PDF Invoice or Packing Slip, learn how to so so here:


Adding order information to your PDF

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You most likely will want to display a piece of informatin in a particular part of the pdf, like for example you might want to display the total order price in a corner of the invoice.

You can do that using the ‘Field’ item

This item has all the order information. To use it just drag it into your document and select the type of informtion that you want to display:


Changing Template Settings

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You can change different aspect of each template, like its page size or in which woocommerce emails you want to attach the pdf. To configure these aspects please click the ‘Template Settings’ button.

This will open a dialog:


General: You will find here the general settings of your template

Drive: Here you can set your google drive credentials so the invoices are automatically saved to your drive account. This feature is available only in the licensed version.

Template Name:Name of your template.

Attach PDF To: Define in which woocommerce emails you want to attach the invoice.

Page Size: Size of the page

Orientation: Page orientation (Portrait or Landscape)


Creating an Invoice Template

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To create an invoice template please follow these instructions:

1.-  Open the WC Invoice page.

2.- If you decided to create a new one you can select from a list of templates

3.- That’s it! You can now save or edit your template.