Adding QRCodes to the order detail table

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In a previous article i explained how to add QRCodes to apdf. This time i am going to explain how to do the same inside the invoice detail table, so you could create a QRCode for the product sku, order price, weight or basically any information of your products.

Getting Started

The process is pretty straight forward, all you need to do is this:

1.- Create a Custom Field

2.- Define which information you want to convert to QRCode, in this example i am going to convert the SKU of the product into a QRCode. To get the sku of the product i need this piece of code :


Note: I could use the same piece of code to get other information like:

  • name:Product Name
  • qty:Quantity
  • weight:Weight
  • line_subtotal:Price of the product without taxes
  • line_total: Price of the product with taxes
  • line_tax: Tax of the product

3.- Generate a QRCode with the information that i defined in my previous step like this:

4.- Use my new Custom Field in my table like this:


Thats it! If you have any question please let me know!


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