Displaying the product extra options

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Note: Custom fields are only available in the full version

To create a custom field that displays the product name and all the selected options do the following:

1.- Go to WC Invoice/Custom fields and create a new custom fields.

2.- Create a custom field with this information:

Name: Whatever you want it to be named

Type: Table Column field (because this custom field is going to be added to your invoice table).


return (new CArrayField("table","meta",""))->GetFormattedMetaData();

Your custom field should looks like this:

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Adding your orders custom fields in an invoice

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There are many plugins that add additional information to the orders, typically this information is stored in the Order ‘Custom Fields’ section

In this example i have the custom fields ‘Color’ and ‘Gift Message’.


If you want to add this information in your invoice all you need to do is the following:

1.Create a new custom field

2.- ...

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Introduction to Custom Fields

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The invoice builder already comes bundled with a bunch of fields that you can pick from but you can create your own if those fields are not enough. If you want to create something more advance like a table that display your customer order history or a field that gets the order date and add two days to it (maybe you want to use that as the ‘shipping date’?) you need to use custom fields. In this tutorial i am ...

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