Spread the word about our plugin and get paid 20% commission for every new customer you convert.

How to get started?

Becoming an affiliate is very easy. You just have to follow these steps

1. Register

Subscribe to our affiliate program (it is free!). After registering you will receive a link that you can use to refer customers to us.


2.- Promote the plugin

Promote the plugin using your referral link 

We will help you succeed

We will do our best to support you. Do you have a cool idea for a blog or video (or even better, you have customers that have requested it) but you are not sure if the plugin can do it or how? Let us know!

We will do our best in guide you and if your cool idea is not possible we will do our best in adding it to the plugin!

3.- Get Paid

You will receive a 20% commission. This commission is paid through paypal or a similar service.

Note: To prevent abuse the commissions are paid starting from the second purchase using your referral link. This means that only the very first purchase using your link is not going to be counted but after that all the other purchases done will count.