Do you need to send multiple pdfs in your WooCommerce emails? maybe you want to send a pdf for the invoice and another for license or event information. It doesn’t matter what is your motive, it can be quickly done with PDF Builder for WooCommerce.

To send multiple pdfs in your WooCommerce emails do the following:

1.- If you don’t have it already on your site, install PDF Invoice Builder for WooCommerce.

2.- Go to WC Invoice and create all the pdf templates that you want (you could for example create one for the invoice and another for a gift certificate). For more information on how to create a template check this tutorial

Create multiple invoices

3.- Go to template settings and configure the emails that should include this pdf.

And that’s it! you just need to repeat these steps in your other templates and the plugin will attach the pdfs to the right emails.

Sending pdf conditionally

You might want to send specific pdfs only when a condition is met (for example when a customer purchase one product that needs a pdf license or certificate). To do so go to the condition tab under “template setting” and configure a condition.

In this example, the pdf is only included if it has a gift card.

Viewing the pdfs in the WooCommerce Dashboard

As explained, you can configure the emails to include each pdf automatically but if you want you can also view them within the order dashboard. This dashboard has a panel called “PDF Invoice” which has a list of all the pdfs for the order.

Emailing PDFs manually

You can also avoid including the pdf in an email and just send it manually. To do so select the pdf that you want (Using the pdf invoice panel) and click the email button.

After clicking the email button you can configure where to send the email and its subject and content.


You learned how easy is to attach multiple pdfs to a single email. You can use this feature to send different kinds of pdfs, like an invoice and a gift card, all in a single email.

And the best part is that it is easily integrated with other plugins using the Custom field wizard so you can do very complex stuff without much hassle. For example, if you already have a plugin to generate gift codes you could use this plugin to also design a cool Gift Card and include it within your emails.